Why us

Looking to refinance your home? Buy a new property? Consolidate debt? Fund a business idea? Need to purchase a car or equipment?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the jargon and all the lending options available…especially if this isn’t an area that you have a lot of experience in.

That’s where we come in. At the Loan Operator we love working with CREATIVE PEOPLE who don’t have the time or the interest in getting their heads around which loans, finance details or loan structures are going to work best for them.

We help our client’s secure the right type of finance so they can concentrate on building their future.  We don’t just look for the lowest rate, loan repayment or special terms. Instead, we structure the most appropriate advice to help YOU achieve your goals.
Our clients include actors, graphic designers, creative professionals, musicians, nurses, IT specialists, lawyers, music teachers, marketing managers, doctors, architects, engineers, restaurant and business owners, town planners, accountants, landscapers and tradies.

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The Simple 7 Step Process

First Contact

By taking the time to answer a few brief questions, we will be able to establish an understanding of your finance requirements.

Time To Meet/Client Needs Analysis

In person, we discuss your current needs, objectives and key requirements in detail.


Within a few days of conducting a detailed analysis of your information we will report back to you with our findings.

What’s Best For You?

This is the fun bit. Researching in detail our vast lender panel will recommend a finance solution specific to your personal circumstances and discuss in detail the pro’s and con’s of each recommended product before making a decision on your preferred option.

Time To Sign The Loan Application

We arrange a time to meet with you to sign the loan application, we then submit the application along with all supporting documentation to your chosen lender. Our friendly office staff will keep you up to date with your applications progress.


Now is the time to ‘rest easy’ knowing that every stage of your loan application has been managed by us, ensuring a hassle free experience.

Our Advantage Plus Program

Our Advantage Plus program entitles you to an annual review of your loan portfolio, ongoing mortgage advice, plus updates on market trends and relevant mortgage news.

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