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Did you know that having a $5,000 credit card limit can drastically reduce your borrowing capacity?

Clear your credit card and consolidate them into your home loan to reduce your monthly outgoings, commonly referred to as debt consolidation. There is more you can do to reach your goals

Want a first home buyer scheme spot? Here’s how to get the inside lane

We’re just days away from 35,000 first home buyer scheme spots becoming available on July 1. If you’re keen to snare a place in the scheme - and buy your first home sooner - here’s how to get ahead of the pack.
23/06/2022/by Steve Morrison

No more Mr Nice Guy: the ATO wants its money

Tax time is just around the corner and the ATO has sent out a warning to businesses around the country that owe it money: the COVID-19 moratorium on debt collection has come to an end. Rest assured though, you’ve got some options.
16/06/2022/by Steve Morrison

Refinancing numbers are surging across the country, here’s why

Rising interest rates got you feeling a little vulnerable? It might be time to take some control back by refinancing or asking for a rate review. Here’s why we’re seeing refinancing numbers surge across the country.
16/06/2022/by Steve Morrison

Bulk of SMEs preparing for growth over next 12 months: research

Small businesses around the nation are once again confident about their future and ready to start driving toward their next phase of growth, according to new research.
26/05/2022/by Steve Morrison

RBA increases cash rate for second consecutive month, to 0.85%

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has increased the official cash rate by 50 basis points to 0.85%. How much extra should you expect to pay on your home loan?
07/06/2022/by Steve Morrison

Banks tighten lending, reducing the maximum you can borrow

Some of Australia’s biggest banks have tightened their mortgage lending criteria, meaning you might not be able to borrow as much from them. How might this affect your next purchase?
02/06/2022/by Steve Morrison

ATO hit list: rental property income and capital gains

Property investors beware: the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has revealed the four key areas it will be targeting this tax year, and rental property income/deductions and capital gains are high on the hit list.
26/05/2022/by Steve Morrison

The two major parties’ first home buyer policies explained

Housing affordability is one of the key battlegrounds ahead of the federal election this Saturday. So what is each of the two major parties proposing to help first home buyers crack the market? Let’s take a look.
19/05/2022/by Steve Morrison

Ready for lift-off: how to prepare a buffer for more rate rises

Rate rises are a bit like taking off in a plane. Sure, it's a bit nervy, but so long as you’ve run through your pre-flight check, have a well-serviced aircraft, built-in some contingencies (a buffer!), and have a handy co-pilot (us!), you should reach your destination no worries.
12/05/2022/by Steve Morrison

EOFY alert! Financial year-end is fast approaching

Small business owners wanting to buy a vehicle, asset or important piece of equipment and immediately write off the cost have just over a month to act this financial year.
12/05/2022/by Steve Morrison
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