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Did you know that having a $5,000 credit card limit can drastically reduce your borrowing capacity?

Clear your credit card and consolidate them into your home loan to reduce your monthly outgoings, commonly referred to as debt consolidation. There is more you can do to reach your goals

Is a tree or sea change on your horizon?

Fresh air, no bumper-to-bumper traffic and more affordable home prices. There’s plenty of appeal in regional living, including a chance to potentially reduce your home loan.
12/06/2024/by Steve Morrison

Why three-in-four Aussies turn to a broker for home loan help

You might have seen a headline or two about a particular big bank being at war with brokers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our mission is - and always will be - putting you first. That’s why three in every four borrowers now come to us for help.
05/06/2024/by Steve Morrison

First home buyers turn to Bank of Nan and Pop

Nan and Pop have always been good for birthday money, but one-in-10 grandparents are taking their generosity to the next level: helping their grandkids buy a first home.
29/05/2024/by Steve Morrison

What you should know before buying ‘subject to finance’

Not sure if you’ll get the thumbs up for a home loan? But you really, really like that house that just popped up? Making an offer ‘subject to finance’ could be the right move. Here’s how it works.
22/05/2024/by Steve Morrison

Not feeling the budget love? 4 ways you could still get ahead

If the latest federal government budget is leaving you hungry for perks and savings, you're not alone. We've had a brainstorm and here are four ways you could start working towards your property goals now.
15/05/2024/by Steve Morrison

Low deposit scheme helps over 150,000 families buy sooner

Whether you’re rat running your local streets, or have a knack for always picking the fast-moving supermarket queue - everyone loves a good time-saving hack. Well, today we’ll let you in on a scheme that could get you into your first home years - yep years - sooner!
08/05/2024/by Steve Morrison

Here’s why your borrowing power might soon get a lift

Who doesn’t love a tax cut? Most of us are now only weeks away from saving on our tax bills, with Stage 3 tax cuts to kick in from 1 July. But another key advantage is that the tax cuts could give your borrowing power a nice boost.
01/05/2024/by Steve Morrison

How to know if you’re paying a fair price

We all love the idea of nabbing a bargain property, but for most home buyers the real issue is whether they’re overvaluing a place – and paying too much in the process.
24/04/2024/by Steve Morrison

Can you remember your home loan interest rate?

Where you put your car keys, who won the footy premiership three years back, the new prime minister of New Zealand’s name - all very much socially acceptable things to forget. Your home loan rate shouldn’t be on that list.
17/04/2024/by Steve Morrison

Plot twist: Millennials are Australia’s most active property investors

When it comes to buying investment properties, younger Australians are punching above their weight, with Millennials taking the title as the nation’s most active generation for property investment.
10/04/2024/by Steve Morrison
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Can I pay a lump sum? How does it affect my loan?


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Calculate upfront and ongoing costs when buying your new home.

Property Selling Charges

Calculate the costs associated with selling your property.


Increase Your Savings

By making regular deposits work out what your future savings will be?


Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate the stamp duty on any property bought in Australia.


Rent vs Buy Calculator

The age old question, do I rent or do I buy a property in which to live?


There’s a lot, you need to get your head around, when comes to buying a house and getting a home loan. That’s why we’ve assembled these free resources, to help you successfully navigate The Property and Finance Minefield. (Subtle plug of my book written for the first time home owner and property investor)

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