Which cities are expected to have the biggest price growth in 2022?

National property prices are predicted to rise by up to 9% in 2022, according to REA Group, but which cities are tipped to lead the way in price growth this year? Let’s take a look.

National housing values grew a whopping 22.1% in 2021, and while things are expected to slow down throughout 2022, the fun ain’t over yet.

Especially so if you’re a homeowner in Hobart (9% to 12% predicted growth), Brisbane (8% to 11%), Adelaide (6% to 9%) and Canberra (6% to 9%).

“Brisbane and Hobart have the strongest price growth forecasts among the capital cities thanks to their low supply of stock for sale, heightened demand and relatively lower prices compared to Sydney and Melbourne,” explains Cameron Kusher, REA Group’s executive manager of economic research.

Meanwhile, property prices in Perth (3% to 6%), Sydney (4% to 7%), Melbourne (4% to 7%) and Darwin (5% to 8%) are still expected to grow – just not as much.

“Perth has shown a stronger slowdown in price growth already relative to other capital cities, while the more expensive property prices in Sydney and Melbourne may increasingly see demand shift to more affordable housing markets,” adds Mr Kusher.

2022 dwelling price forecasts

Here’s the predicted price growth for 2022 for each capital city, broken down for you in a nice and easy format:

Sydney: 4% to 7%
Melbourne: 4% to 7%
Brisbane: 8% to 11%
Adelaide: 6% to 9%
Perth: 3% to 6%
Hobart: 9% to 12%
Darwin: 5% to 8%
Canberra: 6% to 9%
All capital cities combined: 6% to 9%

So why are property prices expected to slow down throughout 2022?

For starters, it’s because buyers can expect more choice in 2022.

Buyer demand peaked in August 2021, according to REA Group’s PropTrack data, and a more balanced market is expected in 2022.

For vendors, this means that they may have to lower their price expectations, warns Mr Kusher, and the increase in housing stock, should it continue, will likely contribute to a slowing of price growth in 2022.

“The recent lift in new listings should go some way to allow more buyers to find a home,” adds Mr Kusher.

“After that, the question will be … How large is the next wave of buyers? We believe this next wave is likely to be big, but not as large as the current one, so that should result in a better supply and demand balance.”

“We expect a smaller wave of buyers because prices have increased, rapidly pricing some buyers out.”

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