Simple tips to boost the value of your house


Taking care of basic maintenance tasks before you sell your home is a no-brainer, but a quick and not-too-costly renovation can add a lot of appeal for potential buyers, and may boost the final sale price.
Basics first
Fix those little faults that you no longer notice – leaky taps, rusty gutters, broken window catches. They can make a huge difference to a buyer’s perception of value.
Landscape the garden
A well-kept garden can create a low-maintenance feel before buyers even step inside.
Bring the outside in
Opening living areas to the garden can be as simple as adding big bi-fold doors that create an inviting sense of flexibility.
Take the inside out
A barbecue area, deck, pergola or even a plunge pool all invite buyers to imagine their future lifestyle in your home.
Light and bright
Brightening dark areas boosts a home’s appeal; you can install skylights quite economically, and swap solid doors in dark areas for glass-panelled ones.
Fresh paint makes a home look ready to live in. Think carefully about colours, and maybe seek some interior design advice – although neutral colours present some people with a blank canvas, to others those spaces just seem bland.
A solid footing
New carpets make a home feel new. Again, think carefully about colour. Look under the carpet – those timber floors will be lovely when sanded and sealed.
Green it
Installing solar panels or a solar hot water system can add value for potential buyers, who will see future energy cost savings.
Bathroom fix
A brand-new bathroom can cost a lot. Instead, think of replacing shower curtains with clear glass screens and installing new
taps, a water-saving cistern and even a new toilet seat. Replace small tiles with big ones, and clean/renew the grout.
Add storage
Buyers are looking for places to store their stuff – cupboards in the garage and in neutral spaces such as hallways, or a butler’s pantry in the kitchen is great too.
Some simple and affordable renovation moves can make your home more desirable to buyers, potentially adding to the final sale price.